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Welcome. You're here to see what I've found in the mountains? I have gifts for you. Stay here and I can show you.

The Acolyte is about the obscure, the overlooked, the unexplainable facets of the Appalachian mountains. The hills tell stories older than America, older than time. They are my love, and I want to let you feel how I do, exploring them for the first time. Many who visit the mountains will tell you about the inexplicable magic they feel in the mist, under or even far above the canopy. These mountains feed the country, they were the foundation for much of our culture, and they deserve to be understood and shared. Everything you read here is based perhaps not in reality, but at the very least based in the minds of those who have lived here far before our time.

Enter the ARCHIVES

This webpage is maintained by Penny. You can reach me from the About Me page or on discord (ID is baaaaaaaaaaa). I'm always happy to talk to other neocitizens.

You can find some of my personal pages in the sidebar. My hope is to publish some of my shorter works in the 'Projects' section when I get the time to finish them. I am currently working on some very personal topics without the energy to fully involve myself in them, but I'm still giving it my all.