I'm happy to meet you. I'm Penny, a creature of the mountains. I once had coiling horns adorning my mud-tone curly locks, those horns I've had to file back over the years to live and play among your kind without those dirty looks. Appearance aside though, a Faun cannot amputate their most feral instincts. It's much like the wilder mammal to live a more solitary life, and in this way I can identify with them: I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, to the extent where verbal communication and socialization brings me deep discomfort and neurosis. I like my space, my beautiful independence, but unfortunately the nature of my disability means I struggle to keep myself from sinking when I live my truth in solace.

I have long held a fascination with nature, counter-culture and the unknown. I have struggled to find a way to fit this passion into a form acceptable in the human world's culture, over time accepting that my most treasured activities must be for nobody except myself. That is, I am wrong to seek external validation for my love. Even knowing this, it can be an uphill battle to truly find that inner appreciation I once had, when the human world asks me to clip my horns and pretend it all away. Pretend that I live for the betterment of a society that hates me instead of living for the pleasure of the world's ever-growing cornucopia. If I had my way, I would wander the hills of Appalachia alone, forever. It's the pursuit of the struggle for life that makes me push forward. Another parallel to our wilder cousins, my Goat-brain says.

I think I'm done rambling for now. I hope you can find some inspiration or atleast entertainment from what I write about here. Thank-you for reading.

As an added thought, here are some albums I've been listening to, lately. Music is important to my well-being. Click the cover to see the discogs page.